Our Story

The story of Canada Dry® begins in 1890, when an innovative Toronto-area chemist named John J. McLaughlin started selling his own soda water.

From there he kept experimenting, developing and testing new recipes until finally, after 14 years, he perfected the formula for his next product, Canada Dry® Pale Ginger Ale.

Over the years Canada Dry’s® popularity spread slowly but surely. Then, prohibition happened. Suddenly, Canada Dry® Ginger Ale sales were skyrocketing! As it turned out, people loved Canada Dry® not only by itself, but as a mixer for home brew too.

A hit in Canada and America alike, Canada Dry® continued with the legacy of innovation John McLaughlin started. First, by introducing Club Soda and Tonic Water in the 30s. Then, in the 50s and 60s, by being the first major soft drink company to offer sugar-free drinks and to use cans rather than bottles.

Over 130 years later, this tradition of innovation continues today with the ongoing launches of new products, each one as refreshing and delicious as the original Canada Dry® Pale Ginger Ale.

From the made-for-cocktails Premium collection to special limited flavours like Cranberry Ginger Ale and Lemonade Ginger Ale, it’s no wonder that after all this time, Canada Dry® is still Canadians’ favourite way to sit back, relax, and refresh!

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